Invoice must be presented for warranty claim.

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    Warranty shall be rejected in case of burn / damage / Major scratches due to force seating/screwing of component / dropping.

  3. .

    Warranty shall be void if manufacturer seal / Warranty sticker is removed / tempered for any purpose.

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    Warranty will be expired if TECHSTORM close down operation in Pakistan.

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    Complete accessories, Box & Protective packing material inside is required for warranty claim. Box should be in good condition to pack material inside.

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    Refund according to policy shall be issued if in case of discontinued / EOL (End of life) products under ONE YEAR LOCAL warranty ONLY.

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    All the transit charges are beared by customer if in case of international / extended / Limited warranty claim (only if such warranty is provided and must be mentioned on invoice)

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    TECHSTORM reserves the right to provide repair / refund / replacement / credit note in local warranty.

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    Customer shall accept the repair / replacement / credit note / refund whatever is provided by the manufacturer to us.

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    If any product purchased by us is used for crypto currency mining, its warranty shall be void & rejected.

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    Depreciation Charges 20% - 40% will be deducted from invoice amount if in case of credit note / refund after local warranty 25% months and before 100% months. 50% if after 100% months until warranty expiry only if in case extended warranty was provided. (If in case of refund full refund shall only be provided if product comes under warranty with-in 25% of provided local warranty duration)

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    1 Year local warranty can only be claimed once for free, 2nd claim within 1 year is charged and so on also charged after 1 year in international /limited warranty if in case such warranty provided and mentioned on invoice.

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    We do not entertain any RMA request in local warranty due to misuse of our new products on USED POWER SUPPLY / UNSEALED/ CHEAP BRAND / REPAIRED / VERY OLD PSU, If in that case any fault arises user shall be responsible for it and RMA request shall be rejected.

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    TECHSTORM reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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    TECHSTORM shall not be held responsible for any loss.

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    In case of ban on Import in Pakistan, RMA request cannot be entartained under any sort of warranty Local / International / Limited / Extended ETC.